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Buy a Used Mitsubishi near GAINESVILLE, GA

 car or SUV for your needs. Drop by our JIM SHORKEY MITSUBISHI-GAINESVILLE, to finance a pre-owned Mitsubishi Eclipse or Outlander SUV. We also have used Outlander Sport models for sale, or you can enjoy your commute from behind the wheel of a pre-owned Mitsubishi Mirage or Mirage G4. Visit The Autobarn Mitsubishi of Evanston to go over your used car financing options and test-drive the different pre-owned Mitsubishi models for sale. We look forward to helping you find the perfect used Mitsubishi for your needs.

YOU MUST PRESENT A COPY AT IMMEDIATE ARRIVAL TO JIM SHORKEY MITSUBISHI TO QUALIFY OR YOUR PRICE MAY BE HIGHER. All advertised prices exclude your local state sales tax, filing fees and prior sales/orders.  All factory rebates, incentives and dealer discounts applied and are subject to change without notice at any time. Cash price may vary depending on Santander and Dealer incentives. Not everyone qualifies for Santander financing. Price in lieu of any special APR incentives cannot be combined with other offers unless specifically disclosed by the dealer. OEM financing/leasing may be requested or required on select models for a portion of the rebates/incentives.