Mitsubishi Finance Department Serving Atlanta

Welcome to Jim Shorkey Gainesville Mitsubishi, a professional and friendly place to purchase your next Mitsubishi brand automobile. Our brilliant finance team works with buyers of all credit types. Even if you don’t believe you have the credit rating to qualify for the vehicle you have your eye on, our finance department has been known to make miracles happen. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and help you go home in a vehicle that you love.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Few people can afford to pay cash for a $30,000 vehicle. Even if the vehicle is $5,000 most folks just don’t have that kind of cash saved up, especially if it’s a younger buyer. Don’t worry! You are not alone, as most people who buy a car, truck, or SUV need to finance a vehicle via auto loans or even leasing options. Just because you can’t lay down cash for the car that you want doesn’t mean we can’t send you home in it. If you have the income it takes to make a monthly car payment, then financing is perhaps the ONLY way to take home the car, truck, or SUV that you really want. Millions of people finance vehicles across the United States each year, and all of those people are doing what is normal to do in a case where something costs a large sum of money up front. As long as you have the income to keep up with your monthly payments, financing is a great idea. It puts you in a better vehicle that will serve you better over its lifespan.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

To make a long story short, NO! There is no true defined minimum credit rating to qualify for financing. There is a range of credit ratings that can give you an idea of what your interest rates might be. Credit ratings generally guide us in setting interest rates, but even a credit rating of 500 or below might not disqualify you from auto financing on cheaper model vehicles. As a general rule, the lower your credit rating, the higher your interest rate is going to be. People with credit ratings over 700 will find themselves with significantly lower interest rates than people who fall in the 500 and below range. And while there is no rock bottom credit rating that would prevent you from qualifying for auto financing, you’ll generally need to buy a cheaper vehicle if your credit rating is lower. And that works out best because credit rating and income sometimes coincides closely. However, if you have a very high paying job and can verify income, sometimes credit rating won’t prevent you from buying higher priced vehicles. For example, your down payment might be higher but you could still drive away in it.

The long story short of this is that no matter what your credit rating is, we’ll be able to help you drive away in the vehicle of your dreams! Search through our inventory and find the model that suits you. Our finance team is made of professionalism with a goal of helping people finance the vehicles that they want to take home with them. Call or visit us today!

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